In western economic history, living standards appear to have had three "supercycles" of rise and fall of economic activity over the past 4,000 years.
It appears to be the case that the foremost causal factor in social and economy development is democracy

January 2023

Should patents exist? It appears that they do, although, granting a monopoly of 20 years to new technologies might be too much.

November 2022

The modern welfare state is what happens when you mix Ghenghis-Khan with Classical Athens
Musk's purchase of Twitter suggests that society might need virtual public squares besides private social media sites
Answer: historical contingency that Latin's influence could be preserved in Western Europe while most Greek speaking regions of antiquity the local…

September 2022

Ancient economic history can be summarized by: Fast growth from 800 BC to 300 BC, slow growth from 300 BC to around 1 AD, negative growth from 1 AD to…
Countries in the "middle income trap" are there for specific reasons

August 2022

Not only was the Classical Greek world likely more prosperous than the Roman world but also it was more egalitarian

July 2022

We have to stop thinking that crude estimates of a platonic concept we call GDP are factual information
"The Great Divergence" gets it backwards: Different civilizations which never had convergent trajectories have converged in recent centuries

June 2022

The evidence appears to suggest that the politically decentralized Classical Greek world was substantially wealthier than the centralized Roman Empire