Should patents exist? It appears that they do, although, granting a monopoly of 20 years to new technologies might be too much.
The modern welfare state is what happens when you mix Ghenghis-Khan with Classical Athens
Musk's purchase of Twitter suggests that society might need virtual public squares besides private social media sites
Answer: historical contingency that Latin's influence could be preserved in Western Europe while most Greek speaking regions of antiquity the local…
"Bolsonarism" is just a natural expression of the conservative outlook of most people in Brazil
Ancient economic history can be summarized by: Fast growth from 800 BC to 300 BC, slow growth from 300 BC to around 1 AD, negative growth from 1 AD to…
Countries in the "middle income trap" are there for specific reasons
Not only was the Classical Greek world likely more prosperous than the Roman world but also it was more egalitarian
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